Who is your favourite actor?
Bruce Willis, Kevin Spacey, Nicholas Cage.

What do you do when you're not filming?

Hang out with friends, surf, play cricket and footy.

What music do you like at the moment?

Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
I was at the beach surfing and a few friends were there. I caught this wave body surfing and my boxers ended up around my ankles! Luckily no one saw, but I end up with half the beach in my shorts!

Were you always a fan of Round the Twist?
Yeah I was a fan, I really enjoyed it. My mum and my family, we all sat down and watched it when I was younger. I just loved it, it was really quirky…..toilet humour.

What was the audition process like?
It was really strange because I had never been to an audition for a television series before,it was my first one. The first two were pretty easy, I just went along and had a talk to the casting agent. I went with a friend so that helped. Then there was the three day workshop and that was kind of nerve racking…but it was all good. I learned a lot just from the workshop, and when I finally got through I was so happy. It was great! I really didn't expect to get it, I just thought I'd go along and give it ago when I saw the ad in the newspaper.

Was it hard acting in some of the weird scenes of Round The Twist?
Sometimes it was…but not too difficult. There were some scenes where we were up on a cliff face all day, which was pretty hard , and others where we were under a tree in the Dandenongs falling in a big puddle of mud, which is Pete's urine, but it's not too difficult, it was mainly just good fun. It's all in a days work. Good stuff.

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