Who is your favourite actor?
Michael Richards, who plays Kramer from Seinfeld.

What do you do when you're not filming?

I love
dancing and socialising!

Were you always a fan of Round the Twist?
Yes, I was. I used to watch it all the time, whenever it was on, and really enjoyed it. I always looked up to Linda. The ghosts used to always scare me. I first saw it at primary school when I was about seven years old, and I've liked it ever since...

How do you learn your lines?
I find it pretty easy... you read over the script all the time so it's not as if you're not familiar with them. So I'll spend a bit of time the night before learning scripts, but its not bad, it gets quite easy.

What is the best thing about working on Round The Twist?
It would have to be all the good times we had with all the cast and crew. For three months I had the best time of my life, and it was just great fun. Everything and everyone was fantastic.

What is your favourite episode of Round The Twist?
My favourite episode would have to be "Toy Love", I really enjoyed filming that. It's about one of my dolls that comes alive, and I think it's chasing after me and trying to kill me, but it ends up going for another doll of mine called Michael doll. The crazy doll is called Veronique. I really liked doing it because I had to be really tough and do lots of crazy stuff.

Which do you prefer - Tutor or School?
Well it's different, because at school you are working for six hours, with a tutor it's up to two hours. It's a lot different because it is one-on-one, you're not in a classroom situation, you're just being taught by yourself, which is good. I find it a lot easier.

Anymore acting?
I would love to have a career in acting, I find it alot of fun and I want to keep it up for the rest of my life.

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