Who is your favourite actor?
I have a few favourites - Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise & Arnold Schwarznegger.

What do you do when you're not filming?

I like skateboarding. I recently auditioned for a feature film and acted in a short film called "The Lucky Country" - I played one of the sons. It's going to be entered in the Cannes Film Festival.

What music do you like?
Bomfunk MC's, Blink 182 and the Ba Ha Men.

Why go Round The Twist?
I just liked what Bronson did. I liked all the adventures that they went on.

Weirdest thing that's happened to you?
I did a "School Spectacular" and performed with Nathan Foley from the kids show "Hi-5". We went to lunch at McDonalds and everyone was crowding around Nathan wanting his autograph. Nathan said to me that he wanted to go to the loo, and then stood up on the table and yelled "Hey everyone, it's Bronson from Round The Twist - come get his autograph!". Heaps of people came to the table then and asked me to sign something for them!

What is your favourite episode of Round The Twist?
"If Walls Could Talk", because they make cupboards and furniture and toys talk and only Bronson can hear them. He gets information from things to help Tony get back together with Fay because Fay's going out with Mr Snapper.

What would be your most embarrassing moment?
We were at Williamstown school, that's where we were shooting for the day and I could not get my line right. My line was "..we all have things in common", and I could not get it right, it took me about thirteen goes to get it right. I was really embarrassed.

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