Who is your favourite actor?
Kevin Spacey.

Weirdest thing that's happened to you?

Being pregnant... (on the show of course!)

What do you do when you're not filming?

I like building stuff (designing cabinets, etc), and playing basketball.

What music do you like at the moment?
Jazz (modern jazz like Buddy Ridge). I also like Savage Garden and Anastasia.

What is your favourite Twist episode?
It would have to be "Mali-boo" because I got to be a surfy and I thought that was really cool, you know…getting into the cool side of things.

How hard was it to act in some of the weird scenes of Round The Twist?
It wasn't that difficult. You get used to it after you read the script. You now what your goal is and you go with it. I guess the only hard thing about filming it would have to be all the special effects, and special things you had to do because you had to be see-through, and you can't overlap. That would have to be the most difficult thing.

Which do you prefer - Tutor or School?
I think it was actually easier to have a tutor on set because you sort of learn more when it is one-on-one, rather than at school when there's lot's of kids in the class.

What memories do you have of Round The Twist?
Being pregnant. It's one thing that I'll never ever be when I'm older…I'll never be pregnant. I'm glad…all that pain and suffering. That's the one thing I'll remember.

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