Episode 1 : Next Time Around

After being successfully hypnotised by Linda, every time someone says the word `now', Pete behaves like a chicken for ten seconds. Unfortunately, Linda can't undo the hypnosis so Pete gets himself into some serious trouble at school.

Episode 2: Copy Cat

Bronson finds an ancient Mongolian copy cat hat. Linda wears it during the `Birdman' competition and she copies a seagull soaring through the sky. But Dad and Gribble aren't quite so lucky when they wear the copy cat hat.

Episode 3: Little Squirt

Mr Gribble plans to build an aquatic wonderworld on a beautiful stretch of the coastline. Bronson, who is the humiliated loser of the school peeing competition, finds an ally in a water spirit who helps him defeat Mr Gribble and prove that he's no `little squirt'.

Episode 4: Pink Bow Tie

When Pete, Gribble, Rabbit and Tiger witness an "age-rager" it really makes their hair stand on end - a sight that does not impress their principal.

Episode 5: Nails

When a new boy, who never removes his gloves, arrives at school, Linda earns his trust and discovers his mysterious secret.

Episode 6: Sloppy Jalopy

When Pete lands in the middle of a sea of polluted sludge from Mr Gribble's waste disposal unit, even showers will not wash off the putrid smell. All kinds of old junk begin to attach to him until he unravels the mystery.

Episode 7: Smelly Feet

Bronson upsets Ms James by refusing to attend her birthday party. But there is something he absolutely must do which is related to the fact that he has not taken off his shoes for six months.

Episode 8: Grandma's Gifts

When Linda hears a strange and terrible sound behind the wall in her room she is convinced that it is connected with the lemon tree which has begun sprouting fruit. But only Nell knows the true reason.

Episode 9: Ice Maiden

Besotted with Dad's sculpture of the Ice Maiden, Bronson resolves to save it form his red-haired cousin Terry. With one small kiss, Bronson and the Ice Maiden become inseparable.

Episode 10: Yuckles

Mr Gribble plans to build a casino on the site of a thousand year old rainforest - the home of the mysterious `Yuckle'. Pete, Linda and Bronson set out to find a Yuckle and Mr Gribble's plans blow up in his face.

Episode 11: Quivering Heap

Young Gribble plans to prevent Pete from playing Dracula in the school play. He locks him in a lonely toilet block inhabited by a failed ghost who is doomed to stay there forever unless he can prove that he is capable of really scaring someone.

Episode 12: Little Black Balls

When a goat eats Nell's valuable opal, Bronson is forced to collect and examine each of the goat's droppings. The townsfolk are disgusted until they discover what Bronson hopes to find and there is a mad scramble for the little black balls.

Episode 13: Seeing The Light

On election night everyone gathers at the lighthouse for a party, but a storm begins and they are all trapped inside. Meanwhile the lighthouse ghosts have plans of their own - a ghost ship is sailing home and it's time to put an old wrong right.

Ghosts from a shipwrecked past haunt the Twists in Series 2