Episode 1: The Big Burp

Pete finally meets the girl of his dreams. He can't believe his luck - Jeannie is the most beautiful girl in Port Niranda - even if she is a tree spirit. But when Pete discovers he is pregnant, Linda, Bronson and the Gribble Gang deliver the surprise of their lives.

Episode 2: The Viking Book of Love

Emerging from an eerie fog enveloping Port Niranda, is an ancient long boat of Vikings lead by the hirsute Chief Snorri and his son Snorrisen. Chief Snorri claims the lighthouse, and Linda falls in love with Snorrisen after he reads to her from the enchanted Viking Book of Love.

Episode 3: The Whirling Derfish

Everyone knows that Bronson will eat anything! But when he swallows a rare whirling derfish nobody could have guessed his willy would spin like a propeller and he would become a human outboard motor known as 'The Port Niranda Porpoise'.

Episode 4: UMI

Beware of Gizmos! One flick of the switch and 'bang', Pete's mind is in Mr. Gribble's body and vice versa! But while Pete is spending a terrifying night in Gribble's house with Matron Gribble, Gribble is convincing Tony to sell the Lighthouse.

Episode 5: Truth Hits Everybody

After loosing out to Gribbs as the host of the Port Niranda High School Broadcast, Linda decides to do her own show. Anthony, Fiona, Pete and Linda rustle up some old video and sound equipment from a pawnshop, only to discover they have a magic microphone that makes everyone, even Mr Gribble, speak the truth, no matter what!

Episode 6: The Nirandathal Beast

In the Twist household there is tradition that the razor is passed on from father to son. So when Bronson secretly uses the razor before Pete, chaos is unleashed. First Bronson is cursed with a 3-foot beard that won't stop growing, then he is mistaken for the legendary Nirandathal Beast and finally a swarm of bounty hunters come to town…

Episode 7: Mali Boo

When Tony discovers an old Malibu surfboard in the garage Pete is keen to make a splash at the Port Niranda surf carnival. Just when it looks like Pete might finally get to impress the girls, the ghost owner of the board, Moondoggy Throckmorton, turns up and together they surf the legendary 200 foot tidal wave that hits Port Niranda every 30 years.

Episode 8 : Brainless

Bronson teams up with resident geekazoid Anthony for a science project that ends up with Pete and Linda having their brains sucked out through their noses. While Bronson is searching for their brains at the local tip, Gribbs and his gang kidnap Linda and Pete's bodies and make them their personal slaves.

Episode 9: Toy Love

Linda's old Veronique doll comes back to haunt her. It won't leave her alone, neither will Gribbs who has heard Linda read from the Viking Book of Love and is acting REALLY weird.

Episode 10: The Tears of Innocence

Port Niranda is in the middle of a drought when Derek the rainmaker arrives. Derek believes he has lost his powers and refuses to even try to make rain. It's up to Pete to convince Derek that he can perform a miracle.

Episode 11: The Ice Cream Man Cometh

When Linda is sacked from Mr Gribble's ice cream parlor, she finds work with Paulo the master ice-cream maker. She soon discovers the mystery behind Paulo's famous ice cream - Giorgio - who makes ice cream by blowing it out his nose.

Episode 12: If Walls Could Talk

No one ever tells Bronson anything. They all think he is too young. If only the walls could talk, he sighs, and then, all of a sudden they do! But not only the walls, also the doors, the floors, the furniture, his pillow, even his desk start talking to him. Using this newfound power, Bronson decides to take the reins of destiny into his own hands!

Episode 13: The Big Rock

When Gribbs gets his hands on The Viking book of Love and reads the final poem he unleashes a curse which turns Fay into a frog, and transports all the adults back into the 8th century, leaving the kids alone and unsupervised…

Strange things happen with the Viking Book of Love in Series 3