Episode 1: Welcome Back

It's the bicentenary of Port Niranda and the centrepiece to all the celebrations is a play directed by Mr Snapper. The ghosts of the theatrical performers, the Von Clapps, see their opportunity to impersonate the Twists and get their final curtain call. They put on an incredible show that is truly out of this world!

Episode 2: Monster Under the Bed

For a long time now Bronson has been avoiding his cleaning duties around the lighthouse. But little does he know that the Lintmonster under his bed is swelling up with all the dust, grime and smelly socks from around the lighthouse. Bronson has no choice but to clean up the Lintmonster in a dust defying showdown.

Episode 3: Linda Godiva

Linda discovers an old atomiser and soon realises that it has the power to make her invisible. In fact, when she takes off her clothes, you wouldn't even know she is there! When Linda agrees to help Pete win a cross-country horse race, she reveals more than the fact she's holding the reins.

Episode 4: Dog By Night

Count Dracumite, a Transylvanian flea, escapes from the flea circus and bites Pete. When the sun goes down, Pete becomes a werewolf and goes on the prowl. While Pete's taken on some doggy habits, his family are trying to rescue him the change becomes irreversible.

Episode 5: TV or Not TV

When the TV takes control of the remote control, the Twist kids find themselves behaving like their favourite TV stars. The Twists are suddenly sucked into their TV, and soon discover their heroes are only one dimensional!

Episode 6: Face The Fear

Bronson, an escaped convict, a ghost and a host of others collide in the cemetery when The Rat, a jumpy, accident prone crim escapes from jail and tries to retrieve his hidden loot from Old Man Crenshaw's grave.

Episode 7: Hair Brain

While Linda is trying to get elected to the student council, an apprentice hairdresser uses too much lotion and completely overcooks her hair. Linda suddenly finds herself hearing people's thoughts and, to her amazement, is able to tell the voters exactly what they want to hear.

Episode 8: The Princess and the Pete

Mr Gribble suddenly has a spring in his step. He's discovered that Port Niranda has the potential to become the Mineral Water capital of the world. Pete's fallen in love with Jade, a new girl at his school. However, he soon discovers that she's a rather slimy character!

Episode 9: Boy Bird

A huge, mysterious boy-faced bird follows Bronson home to crash land in his bedroom. When Bronson discovers the Boy Bird can sing like a dream, everyone wants a piece of him to make their fortune. The Boy Bird's destiny is suddenly in Bronson's hands.

Episode 10: The Shadow Player

During a total eclipse, Linda's very own shadow breaks free and tells her the bad news. She's boring! With Linda's shadow now in charge, Linda starts to live the wild life until she come face to face with the Shadow Master.

Episode 11: Radio DA DA

When Pete fixes an old radio, he and Linda are blasted back in time to 1944, the Second World War! They soon discover they have a chance to change the outcome of the war, their own destinies and the future of Port Niranda.

Episode 12: Skunkman

The stench of crime hangs over Port Niranda and Bronson's alter-ego, Skunkman, is just the guy to clear the air. Equipped with an armory of pong bombs, Skunkman starts doing good deeds and soon gets a reputation as the smelliest super hero around town!

Episode 13: Isle of Dreams

All along Pete has been desperate for a girlfriend. He's stunned when he meets Ariel, a most beautiful girl who is the Princess of Atlantis. She invites the Twists to come with her to this perfect world. The only catch is, once they've gone, they can never return…

Who is this ghostly presence watching over the Twists?