It takes over 600 crew members to bring together our zany, outrageously funny family television program Round the Twist. Try to imagine watching 2,554 episodes of Round the Twist (that's a lot of television) …well that's how long it takes to make just one half an hour episode that you watch at home! Very creative people write the scripts, then the actors rehearse, and when they have rehearsed enough they are filmed and finally we add all of the special effects.

The Lighthouse, that we all secretly want to live in, is situated on one of Victoria's most beautiful coasts at Airey's Inlet. To locals the lighthouse is known as Split Point lighthouse. Although the inside of the Twists' lighthouse looks real when you watch it at home it is in fact all filmed inside a studio in Melbourne. The Round the Twist crew shoot all of the outside scenes at Airey's Inlet and all of the inside scenes in Melbourne studios.

Making Round the Twist takes a lot of people and a lot of hard work however the main thing is that it is a lot of fun to do!

Mathew Waters on set
Rian McLean on set
Rian on set in "The Princess & The Pete"
Twist Shoots